My book RATION is now available for preorder via Apex and Amazon. It will be released August 13th. RATION is one part horror, one part science fiction, and one part psychodrama, with something truly dark thrown in for spice.


Cover Art by Mikio Murakami


Most of my stories find me unprepared, caught in traffic, or wandering through breezeways crowded with serious faces and ever more serious bags full of expensive textbooks. Ration found me in the dark and caught me with a single sound. A barefoot step on a thin sodden carpet. Typically, a story pays no attention to my current location or activity, it doesn’t care if I am teaching or commuting, it wants to be heard. Ration whispered in the early hours and after the lights were low and only after I agreed to be still and keep the blinds open to the rain. Characters had their say, peering over my shoulder and slipping away when their words ran dry. Ration is unlike anything I’ve written before and it continues to inhabit the darker spaces of my mind, barefeet scuffing hallways that I have only just begun to explore.

Ration, a speculative dystopian horror novel, will be released by Apex Book Company in August 2019.



“Reservations” [by Cody T Luff] is a deeply felt story that takes on the heartbreaking plight of Native Americans, a much maligned people who are caught in the tragic throes of history, our homegrown genocide. The story hinges on a friendship between a world-weary Native American man and a well-intentioned white man, two characters who are revealed in full honesty and complexity. Making people place, the author paints his settings (in Montana and Maine) in evocative detail—the landscapes, the human habitations, the cultural milieu. And the author accomplishes it all with a controlled and convincing hand, an indication of much more terrific work to come.

— Jeff Renard Allen
Fiction judge, 2016 Montana Book Festival Emerging Writers Contest