“the best dystopian novel of 2019”

– Tony Jones, Horror DNA

Horror DNA full review of RATION

Cover Art by Mikio Murakami

Cody Luff’s debut RATION is creepy, sci-lit brilliance. He administers a slow, suspenseful drip of horror, that grows like a pool of black ink until we are all part of his world. I will never forget this peculiar, stunning debut.”

tammy lynne stoner, award-winning author of Sugar Land

RATION presents a world cloaked in a particular darkness–exploited women, bleeding bodies, empty bellies, fear, and survival. It is a testament to Cody Luff’s skill as a writer that a pervasive sense of compassion runs just beneath the surface of this horrific tale. A chilling, visceral novel, written from the heart.

Mo Daviau, author of Every Anxious Wave

Cody Luff focuses a keen and perceptive eye on a dark future,
imagining a world where survival impacts and exacerbates social
pressures and human behavior. In RATION, he’s found an interesting
spot to take a pulse on a world we can recognize, perhaps too easily.
Luff is a fresh, unique speculative voice who brings both imagination
and meaning to his exploration of life and the human spirit.

Sidney Williams, author of Disciples of the Serpent

Cody T Luff’s tremendous debut novel RATION is a deliciously weird and brutal set of what ifs that pushes past the ordinary bounds of the genre and drops the reader in a dark future no one was seeking to build.

Lara Messersmith-Glavin, author of Bearskin Retold

Reader, you’re not ready for RATION. But it’s time.

Jamie Yourdon, author of Froelich’s Ladder